“Relaxation with Music: Self-care” — January 9, 2016

Explore self-care through an evening of relaxation using music. There will live and recorded music to help go within, to take a “self guided inner journey”.

Taking time for relaxation is often the last item on the list things to do. People often try
to relax while doing other tasks at the same time. The pace of life today places an
increasing amount of emphasis on doing it faster and using one form or another of
technology to accomplish the tasks at work and in daily life. Yet, technology can disrupt
the flow of our concentration and disturb our focus. The need for release from the ever increasing stream of interruptions and demands of technology is no longer optional. For a sense of connection with self and others, it may be helpful to recognize that sometimes “I am plugged-in to everything, yet, not connected to anyone…”

This can often lead to a stress reaction which consumes precious life energy. A simple but very effective way to reduce stress is through listening to music. This event will explore practical ideas and ways of using music to relax, to practice self-care.

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