Music - The Universal Langauge

Relaxation music

There is always a need for relaxation and music can help in achieving a state of being more relaxed. The type of music will depend on the individual and discovering which particular style of music works best takes some practice. There are samples of relaxation music available on the Song Finder or Discography pages.

Piano music

The piano is an special instrument that can provide a complete spectrum of musical experiences. Though it is technically a member of the percussion family, the melodic and harmonic possibilities are endless. Technical wizardry - a virtuoso player - can be very impressive yet the emotional and spiritual impact of simple music played from the heart can evoke tremendously powerful experiences within. There are a variety of solo piano and piano based pieces available for listening on the Song Finder or Discography pages.

Vocal music

Songs have always had an important role in human culture. The human voice is regarded as the first musical instrument and has been used over millennia to share beautiful music and stories. The forms of vocal music are extraordinary in their breadth, literally offering something for everyone. Using the voice to express oneself is very personal and can be quite intimate for the listener. Again, there are samples of vocal music available on the Song Finder or Discography pages.