Mindfulness is practical and can be helpful for anyone !

Mindfulness Meditations

The challenge of learning to integrate mindfulness practice(s) into a daily routine can be aided by using guided meditations, with or without music, to learn more about mindfulness. The consistency of using these guided meditations strengthens and deepens the learning and appreciation of mindful awareness. As your practice develops, you can use different guided meditations or music to continue on your path. At times it is helpful to engage in your daily practice in silence to discover new aspects of the meditative experience. Making a commitment to daily practice is vital to making progress. Though it can be stressful at the beginning, the results are more than worth the effort. Give it a chance...


There are many different retreats available for exploring mindfulness. They range in intensity from intermediate to advanced and are given from over the course of a weekend up to 10 days or more. People in the early stages of mindfulness practice are encouraged to develop their practice over a period of months before attending the more intense / longer meditation retreats.


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