Enhancing the mentoring process through awareness.

Why mindfulness ?
I need mentoring...

The key to effective mentoring is to have as clear an idea as possible as to what it is you are not satisfied with, what it is that causes problems or what it is you want to accomplish. Mindfulness training can be helpful in clarifying the reason(s) you are seeking help.

Watching yourself - becoming aware.

Mindfulness gives insight into how you perceive the world, how you react to different situations, how you manage relationships and how you make your decisions. The mentoring process will include taking time to observe yourself more closely. Having some tools and training in awareness techniques will enhance this self awareness task.

Seeing the changes... Living consciously

The mindfulness training will make easier to implement the desired changes, to transition from wandering through life in a half awake state to consciously choosing your response to the events and circumstances of your life. There is an opportunity to change your response to what happens or to change your relationship with those elements of your life over which you have no control. You cannot always control what life brings to you yet you can always choose how to deal with it.