Hero Journey

Find out what it is you love to do and start doing it...

The Call

The human being has the awake consciousness - the rational mind - to deal with living in the physical world. The ability of the mind to plan, organize and act on dreams and goals is quite astounding. However, where do the dreams and goals originate ? The source for the inspiration, the insatiable urge to follow a particular direction or activity, comes from the world within, the world inhabited by the heart and soul. The spontaneous urge to create, to bring something unique into being comes from a realm that is beyond the reach of the rational part of our mind.
The awake mind can recognize the signals from the deeper self - the soft quiet inner voice, a unnameable sense of meaning when considering the pursuit of a given activity. These deeper urges are reflected in the mind, just as the light from the sun is reflected from the moon. When the sun is not visible at night, the we can understandably conclude the moon is self luminous. However, the real source, the sun, is merely hidden and through indirect means we can determine that the sun is the actual source of the light. In a similar way, through indirect means we can determine that the heart and the soul are the real source of our inspiration and creativity. The challenge is to be aware enough to notice the signals - the call - from within.

The Journey

Once the call has been heard and the decision to follow this calling has been made, the person must cross a threshold into a new adventure, one that has never been lived before because it is the unique adventure of the individual on the journey. This adventure will likely mean leaving behind many of the common ways of feeling secure, taking risks that can be truly dangerous and letting go of ways of thinking and acting that would have seemed unthinkable to do.
Many trials will be encountered each offering a the chance to let go of a rule or law that governs the person's life. Once subdued, the space occupied by the old rule will be filled with a value which is decided upon by the individual. Some of these values will be the same as the society in which the person lives and others may not. What is important is to let go of the ideas imprinted by others and replace them with values that have a meaning to the individual.
At some point, the person will face a challenge that evokes their greatest fear(s). If the person can overcome this most challenging trial of all, then a deep, personal inner freedom is revealed. The individual must continue on the adventure, refining their values and skills, avoiding the urge to return to the familiar but superficial ways until they reach the return threshold: The return to the "Known World".

The Return

Though the return is to the world which was left behind at the start of the adventure, the individual now operates from their own center, with a clear awareness of the conditions, influences and pressures which can affect their choices. The person has also brought back new ideas or a new gift for the world and the person must find a way in which to share this "gold" with at least some of the people in the world. This requires constant discipline and focus so as not to be sidetracked by the allures of superficial pleasures or security. To be of service in the world: to something greater than oneself or other than oneself can be a rich and rewarding way to live.