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Life Energy Budget

There is a need for anyone to take care in allocating the energy available for life - for people in recovery it is essential. This area provides some suggestions and viewpoints that may be helpful.

Decision Making

Everyone needs to make decisions yet many people do not have a systematic way of doing this. Some decisions are made on the fly perhaps without having enough information. Other decisions are delayed while the person tries to find that one special piece of information that will make the decision possible. Here you will find information on how might approach making decisions and some of the factors that influence decisions including those that a person may not aware of.

Stages of Recovery

There are distinct and predictable stages or phases of recovery that almost everyone will go through as they travel their healing path. Exactly when and how a given stage will present itself is unique to an individual. This means there is a challenge to separate the general ideas and solutions from the ones that will actually work for you.