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Upcoming Courses: 2017

MBSR 8 Week course – TBA

Day of Mindfulness:

To Be Announced

Course Registration:

For more information or to register, please contact the facilitator, Terry Cashion, by email or telephone.

Email: Send email                    Telephone: (+49) 0176 98 54 87 14



The facilitator for the course is Terry Cashion, a certified MBSR instructor (Institute for Mindfulness-Based Approaches, based in Germany  *). Terry has been practicing meditation for over 18 years with an emphasis on insight meditation. In addition, he has been coaching and counseling for a number of years in the areas of self-care, relaxation and life coaching. Terry is also a composer and pianist focusing on music for relaxation, stress relief and the inner journey. He has facilitated a number of workshops on Centering and Relaxation as well as presentations on Healing, Music and Spirituality in Germany, Switzerland, France, Ireland and Canada.



* The IMA (www.institute-for-mindfulness.eu) teacher-training follows the guidelines for becoming an MBSR instructor as outlined by the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts (www.umassmed.edu/cfm).

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8 Week Course Highlights:

  • Individual Pre- and Post-interviews
  • 8 consecutive weeks covering the themes:
    1. Mindfulness
    2. Perception
    3. Body awareness
    4. Stress
    5. Stress intensifying thoughts
    6. Emotions
    7. Communication
    8. Self Care
  • 2.5 hours per session
  • Practical exercises: Body scan, Sitting and Walking meditation, gentle Yoga
  • Each participant receives 3 CDs (Body scan, Yoga, Sitting meditation) for use in home practice
  • Each participant receives a handbook containing material covered during the course
  • Emphasis on participating, experiencing
  • Participants expected to do home practice
  • Participants encouraged to share experience in class