What is Mentoring ?

The challenges of finding out what you really want to do or deciding that are now ready to start doing what you love can be difficult. Having someone who can help in the discovery process or help you work through the decision phase is sometimes necessary. People who are healing from early childhood issues or from addictions often need help in learning how to make healthier decisions. Terry has a broad range of experience in helping people in these areas.

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Practical Recovery through Awareness
Apr 13 to May 4, 2016

*** Please note “Decision making” scheduled for April 30 has been postponed until May 4. *** A series of workshops to explore four important areas for those on a recovery… Read More

“Relaxation with Music: Self-care” — January 9, 2016

Explore self-care through an evening of relaxation using music. There will live and recorded music to help go within, to take a “self guided inner journey”. Taking time for relaxation… Read More

Day of Mindfulness – Dec 5 2015

Announcing there will be a “Day of Mindfulness” workshop on December 5, 2015. All are welcome to attend – Those who are new but want to find out more about… Read More

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IMG_5345 1944x2100

Music – The universal language

There are different ways music can affect us and each of us has our own way of relating to the music we hear. Much of the music created by Terry offers an opportunity for a journey inwards. Other pieces are more energetic and evoke different reactions yet retain an underlying element of relaxation.

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Exploring Mindfulness

Currently there are many uses of the word Mindfulness.  There are different schools of thought and a variety of programs and workshops offering mindfulness training. Though sifting through the options requires some exploration, the effort is well worth while. The most practical approach is often the most beneficial. One such program is MBSR, a widely taught method providing results that are supported by a variety of scientific research. Mindfulness training is helpful in daily life and in reducing stress.

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